The intention of this proyect is to register, through images of the sky, the changes made on landscapes by humans and industry. This spaces show cables and advertising signs as a symbol of contemporary development. (landschaft 1), In the same initiative,
I´ve also worked on some installations using garbage, playing from an aesthetic perspective whit the irony of the dichotomy between man and nature, the paradox between the beautiful and the absurd, the heavenly and the grounded.

I also intended to talk about the future: the pollution and the loneliness. Finally, landshaft is talking about a new landscape….


I am interested on observing the relationship that people establish with green, as an idea, as a feeling; considerating green like a space, or a concept ....

On the road


These installations series were made in the outdoors museum PUNTA ISLITA, in a community of Huanacaste area, Central Pacific of Costa Rica. The material used to create them where beach plastic trash collected with ladies working in community development groups, who also participated in the production process of these works.

Beach and river

Trash mandala